Young Nigerian lady laments after being wooed by bank security guard

A Nigerian lady linked as@FunmiKolz on Twitter has expressed unbelief at the recent hassle she had with a bank security man.

According to the youthful lady, she visited a bank for a sale and the security guard on duty, who respected her beautydecided to shoot his shot.

Shocked by his action, Funmi took to the microblogging platform to share her experience with netizens.

”I go bank, security Dey toast me. Fantabulous,” she wrote.

Still, the response she was presumably awaiting wasn’t what she got as numerous people reprimanded her for looking down on her girlfriend because of the nature of his job

@Freshdipo1 said; Every Job has dignity and should be accord it dignity. Your comment show how much low you look at a security guards. This is one of the reason why most our youth is turning towards crime and illegals means. Legal hustle as lost it dignity while we praised nd honor money

@Drwhales_; Person wey dey secure bank vault no go fit secure your heart? Come off it!

@idyudofia10; I thought all you ladies wanted was a guy who can guarantee you financial security. Now you see a security working in a bank you reject am. What exactly is your problem?

@achbishop; My elder sister is married to a former bank security staff and it is the best decision she took with our support. God punish d ‘spiricoco’ bro that almost sent her to Yaba
They are landlord and landlady in Lagos. Let us not commercialize relationship

@raphreal11; A friend of mine who is a security man at a bank narrated to me how a young lady lost a bank job, because she felt there is nothing useful he will say. But all along the security had the oral questions of the interview she came for.

@KeengTobbie1; He wants to secure your finances

@Girl_isBlessed; Just tell us how e end. E work or e no work?

@UncleTemmyWhite; Who no like better thing? Besides he might be a millionaire oo, just looking for love then boom..