Young Man Forgets Road to His New Apartment After Paying Rent And Agreement Fee

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to lament about an unusual phenomenon that befell him pivoted on superstition and African religion.

Known as Shina Ayomi on Twitter, the young man revealed that he paid the rent and agreement fee for an apartment he intended to move in but for some inexplicable reasons which his followers have interpreted as juju thereafter- he can’t remember the location of the house any longer.

According to him, when he was finally ready to pack his belongings and move into the new place, he could no longer remember the direction to where the house is located. He shared his strange story on Twitter saying; ”I don pay house rent and agreement fee

Make I pack go there nahin I no know road again ooo”


When his awkward story drew the attention of netizens, one social media user suggested that he should put a call through to get the caretaker, but Shina revealed that the caretaker’s mobile number is not going through.

Away from that , a wedding ceremony turned chaotic somewhere in Nigeria when the bride made an unpleasant discovery that changed her life forever.

From what we gathered from the grapevine, the bride while being driven majestically to the church, got wind of the fact the page boy serving at their wedding is actually the groom’s son, a piece of information she hitherto had no knowledge of.

One of the guests at the wedding that never was shared a video of the moment the bride refused to continue with the wedding process after discovering the truth. In the video making rounds on social media, the bride could be seen hysterical as she confronts her groom in the middle of the road.

Her bridesmaid could be seen running towards her with her veil, as she calms her down.