Which Better School Dey Operate For Winter – Bobrisky Reacts To James Brown’s UK Schooling

James Brown, another controversial crossdresser a few days ago shocked his fans after he posted a video of himself giving a presentation in a classroom at a University in the UK.

The social media influencer who left the borders of Nigeria for a vacation in the UK that he solely sponsored, stormed a University to make a presentation revealing interest in pursuing education. After the video was shared on social media, it went viral and got fans applauding James Brown for using his money well.

However, social media users have been shading Bobrisky on Instagram after the video of James Brown went viral. Many have called on Bobrisky to enroll in school like James Brown.

Bobrisky upon seeing the video, went live on social media asking which school in the UK operates during the winter period. In his words, “Abeg which better school dey operate for the UK for this period. UK people make una talk because una know this thing”.

Following the post of Bobrisky, a lot of people have fired Bobrisky and called him a hater for being jealous of James Brown.