Top 5 Nigerian Artistes That Started Music From School (No.1 Will Shock You)

School isn’t just a place for intellectual excellence alone. A school is a great place for character formation.

It’s also a place where every kid is meant to discover who he or she really is, and what he or she is good at.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of Nigerian artistes that started music in school.

Brace up! The list below will blow your mind.

5. Fireboy DML

Fireboy graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the English Language. In his second year in school, 2012, the Nigerian artiste developed a keen interest in music and went into songwriting.

He sang on campus and became popular among students. However, even though he was serious with music at that time, he admitted that he only found his voice in the latter years of his days in school when he accepted to do music for the rest of his life.

At first, his parents were disappointed with his decision to be a musician, but they eventually became his biggest fans.

4. Falz

Falz studied law at the University of Reading, United Kingdom, where he graduated with an LLB Honors degree. He revealed in an interview that “the passion for music started building when I was in secondary school.

Though the passion was there, I never thought it was something I was going to give serious attention until towards the end of my university days.

By then the music I was making appeared to be on a different level, assuming something of professional status. Then I realized I could make it a profession”.

3. M. I. Abaga

M. I. was schooled in Business and Economics at Calvin College, Michigan, U. S. A. During his stay in the college, he initially delved into poetry in the course of self-discovery.

He began to rap and to freestyle eventually, and performed frequently in school social gatherings. In 2003, he entered into a campus competition called HipHopera, and his impressive rap performance earned him a 3rd place finish.

Today, the Nigerian artiste has carved out for himself a covetable niche in the Nigerian music industry as a prolific songwriter, singer, badass rapper and producer.

2. Davido

Davido was a first-year student at Oakwood University, Alabama, when he met Jaymo, an American student whose influence swerved his attention fully to music.

He invested $500 of his pocket money into purchasing musical instruments, with the assistance of Jaymo, and he began making beats.

He dropped out and eventually continued his education in Nigeria at Babcock University, where he graduated in 2015 with a degree in music.

1. Fela Anikulapo Kuti

In 1958, Fela was sent to the United Kingdom by his parents to study law. However, he enrolled in Trinity School of Music to study music instead.

In the course of his studies, he decided upon taking up the trumpet as his main musical instrument.

According to Lindsay Barrett in Fela Kuti: Chronicle of a Life Foretold, “it was the discovery of Miles Davis’s early recordings with Charlie Parker that strengthened his commitment to the instrument when he began studying in London”.

Eventually, Fela joined a group of dedicated Nigerian musicians in the UK, performing in venues frequented by African students.

The Nigerian artiste returned to Nigeria after his studies with a musical style that was second to none. He called his style the afrobeat, and this would eventually become an African signature genre that continues to influence the voices and styles of contemporary Nigerian artistes.

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