There May Be No Nigeria Before 2023 Elections— Pastor Adeboye Of Redeemed Church Warns Politicians

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye says no one is certain about the future of Nigeria and the 2023 elections.

He stated this on Sunday while addressing the congregation during the church’s November Thanksgiving service.

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While preaching on Sunday, November 7, Adeboye said some people are already getting ready to kill over the 2023 election when they are not sure if there would even be 2023 or if Nigeria would still be in existence. In his words.

”Some people want fame, they want power, political power. This is 2021 some people are already getting ready to kill themselves over 2023. They don’t even know whether there will be 2023. If there is 2023, whether there will still be around.

There is nobody who can say for sure that they will still be around tomorrow. It is God who determines who will be around by 2023.

Someone said to me who do you think is going to be President in 2023 and I said President of where? He said Nigeria. I said how are you sure there will be Nigeria in 2023. Can you swear? I pray there will be, so don’t misquote me but are you are sure?”

Adeboye questioned politicians already making preparations for the 2023 elections, stressing that the future belongs to God.

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The clergyman asked why anyone would say their ambition is to become the president when the individual is unsure about tomorrow or the continued existence of the country.

Watch the video below: