The Blessing Of The Right Spouse – Man Bursts Out In Joy After His Wife Surprised Him By Clearing His N1.3m Debt

A married man went over the moon after his wife surprisingly cleared his debt of 1.3million naira he owed the bank.

The wife secretly filmed the moment where she paid the money to the bank right in front of her husband revealed that she did that not because she has money but she wanted to help relieve her husband of the stress of being in debt.

Her husband could not hide his joy as he carried his wife and sang in excitement thanking her for taking a heavy load off his neck.

Social media users have reacted to the video and they have hailed the woman as a queen for supporting her husband and urged other women to emulate her. Some noted that this is the blessing of a right spouse.

tinywale said; “Key word , Wife ! Wife clears husbands debts and not girlfriend clears boyfriends debts ! Take note ! I just Dey apply the Reno wisdom in me 😂”

aniscooser wrote; “The man or woman you choose to be your partner affects everything in your life. Your mental health, your happiness, how you get through tragedies, your successes and much more. May God help us.”

Watch the video below;

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“A supportive wife is a priceless gem!!! This is why I never understand men who take their loving supportive women for granted.
See how happy the man is? Like he feels blessed and his expression shows it. . . Too genuine! Ah God! Na this one be God when?


A queen and more! They won’t tap into this one now. Better work and be useful. Relationship is give and take.


Awwww this is so sweet , women like her a rare but she did a sweet thing for hubby . Is the man’s giving me singing vibes