Somebody Tell Jay-Z To Stop Copying Me – Mr. Eazi Calls Out Jay-Z Over This

Nigerian singer Mr. Eazi has called out American rapper Jay-Z for copying him asking him to stop copying him while commenting on a post of his ventures closing its second fund with $325M.

Mr. Eazi shared a post which read ‘Mercy Venture Partners, co-founded by Jay-Z just closed its second fund with $325 million’ and reacting to that said somebody should tell Jay-Z to stop copying him and we all look confused.

We all know aside from music Mr. Eazi has some businesses he is into but we see no correlation between his line of business and what American rapper Jazy-Z is into that he is accusing him of copying him to the extent of calling him out.

Mr. Eazi left us in a dilemma making us wonder what he means by Jay-Z is copying him and warning that he should stop copying him because we see not what he is talking about and what exactly his post means.

Some people think he made the post just for laughs but the emoji he used at the end doesn’t portray something that is just for laughs as he seems to be very serious with his allegations of Jay-Z copying him and wants him to stop copying him at once.

screenshot below;