Socialite, Pretty Mike Dragged To Filth For Blasphemy Over Appearance At Funny Bone’s Wedding (VIDEO)

With an entourage that represented Christianity, Pretty Mike who is renowned for his odd appearances at important events once again outdid himself.

A representation of Jesus Christ on the journey to the cross that Pretty Mike created at the entrance featured a woman wearing a cross and wearing skimpy attire.

However, many Christians criticized Pretty Mike for blasphemy against Christianity because of the way he was portrayed.

Captioning the video, he wrote;

What if the savior of mankind was a woman,I honestly think this world would have been a better Place…… “women the most undermine secret weapon given to us, by the almighty one 🙏🏽 #FunnyBone #FunnyBoneWedding #stanleysangel

Reacting to the video, a concerned user wrote; “This is very wrong and why the fuck is people finding it funny and laughing this is like taking the sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ to be in vain if the show isn’t to enlighten people about the sacrifice of Jesus this is very Wrong. If it is Muslim they will find him and he will pay dearly, this is trash,”

Emiomotoke also commented; “Some girls Sha going naked in a party like this haaa not even a night club oga ooo …my gender make we value ourselves first B4 we go expect man to value us oo…no body be saint oo but damn my gender can do better plz…not even a musical video party with Fuji music 😂😂oga oo and the man no exposed him own body ooo 🤮🤮…”