Rapper, Speed Darlington arrested for allegedly possessing ‘crusher’ in his car (Video)

Popular rapper, Speed Darlington has been arrested by the police over alleged possession of ‘weed’ in his car while on his way to the airport.

Speed Darlington Crusher Arrested

The entertainer who immediately launched an Instagram live session to reveal to everyone what he was going through in the hands of the policemen, insisted that he doesn’t have the substance he was accused of possessing in his car.

Speed in the video stated vehemently that he is ready to prove that he is innocent and urged the officers to take him to the police station if that’s what they plan on doing.

He further disclosed that his only regret is that he has a show to grace, which if he misses will warrant him to refund the money.

Speed Darlington in an attempt to prove his innocence also stated that he has plans of contesting for the 2023 presidential election and wouldn’t do anything to tarnish his image, rather he’s out to get rid of such evil practices.

Speed Darlington Crusher Arrested

Watch the altercation between Speed and the police officers: