“Ogun Kill My Ex” – Lady Jumps Excitedly As Her Boyfriend Surprises Her With Loads of Gift On Birthday (VIDEO)

A massive money cake, clothes, and balloons were all present when the woman reportedly entered the room.

She was shocked and delighted by the surprise, jumping about joyfully while cursing all her previous boyfriends who had not given her a birthday surprise like this and calling on the gods to assassinate them.

The video has sparked reactions among netizens:

juwoffical wrote; “This is what happens when you depend on somebody’s son take responsibility for what you can do for yourself
darkskingurl wrote; “When will people realize that a man not spending on you doesn’t make him a bad person, he doesn’t just love you or see you worthy of it. This is what my 28years on earth have taught me. Once you know this, you find peace”