Nollywood star Jim Iyke beat up colleague who accused him of fraud

Gay activist Uche Maduagwu, had accused Jim Iyke in a video on social media of being the Hushpuppi of the Nollywood industry.

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke, physically assaulted his colleague and gay activist, Uche Maduagwu, who accused him of engaging in fraudulent activities.

A video that is now making rounds on social media shows Mr Iyke in a very angry state as he physically assaults Mr Maduagwu at a yet to be confirmed location in Lagos.

On August 20, Mr Maduagwu in a video on his Instagram page questioned the source of Mr Iyke’s wealth while he insinuated that the actor was engaged in fraudulent activities. He referred to him as the “Hushpuppi of Nollywood”.

“Pls nobody should beg me on this matter because I have already made up my mind on this issue. Is Jim Iyke the only one in nollywood? Look at the expensive lifestyle he lives up and down Lagos and Abuja, please what is the source of his wealth again?” he mockingly asked.

The actor further threatened to use his influence to trigger an invite for Mr Iyke from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to clarify the source of his wealth.

“Any day we see, I will use my Abuja connect to beg EFCC boss to invite him,” he threatened.

Comparing his colleague to the recently convicted fraudster Hushpuppi, Mr Maduagwu added, “we have not recovered from what Hushpuppi did to us now this one is changing cars up and down like the Hushpuppi of the movie industry.”

In the video, Mr Iyke told Mr Maduagwu, “You think I won’t find you, I troll in real life?” just before he tugged at Mr Maduagwu’s shirt and threw a punch at him.