“No Woman Can Go Three Months Without S€x”-Rapper, Erigga Avers

Well, per medical analysis, it is very healthy for a person to maintain a good sex life with it without a partner. Women, especially are mostly the people who need to have sex as many time as they can to boost their mental and health state.

Maintaining a good sex life helps improves one’s mental stability and health. But in this generation, most people have taken advantage of this analysis to engage in sexual activities carelessly leading to unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Well, Erigga is of the view that among men and women, the latter cannot resist the edge to have sex for a period of three months. He made this bold statement on his Twitter page, claiming his claims are unarguable.

He wrote; No woman can go three months without sex … argue with ur wig brush 😒📌

See the tweet below:

In other news, Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Gregory, affectionately known as King Promise has lamented about the fact that people love and sabotage themselves in the music industry.

King Promise is of the view that Ghanaian talents need to come together and project Ghanaian music globally to attain international dominance just like our Nigerian counterparts.

Ghanaian musicians are mostly known for petty conflicts and controversies among themselves. Some musicians are trying desperately to dispute and disprove their colleagues.

Well, King Promise believes that when Ghanaian musicians come together, they will be able to achieve a lot globally with each talent counted.