No Amount Of Money Can Buy Class – Activist Rips Bobrisky Apart Over Attack On James Brown

Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky, recently launched an attack on his fellow crossdresser James Brown after he shared a video of himself doing a presentation in a UK university.

After the video of James Brown went viral, social media users were stunned and applauded the social media influencer for investing his money in his education. However, Bobrisky opened fire on James Brown calling him a liar. Bobrisky claimed that no proper school in the UK operates during the winter period.

In a rebuttal, the activist has taken to his Twitter to drag Bobrisky for fighting James Brwon. According to Solomon, Bobrisky only brags about his money, fake life, fake accent and only knows how to twerk on social media as a “sheep”. He also emphasized that having money does not classify one to be classy.

He tweeted…

“Bobrisky, Leave James Brown! He’s on his way to sustainable ‘relevance’. Great move by going to study in the UK. Only staying in the UK will fine-tune his mindset. Everything is not about money, Bob. Every time “you have money” but money cannot buy class and wisdom.”

“Face your own ministry: a fake accent on Snapchat, dancing like a sheep, and making mouth about being the richest in the world lol. Always cussing invisible haters. Always falling out with all your friends! Always!”

“Not a fan of crossdressing, but you seem to be too perturbed by JB’s moves. He seems to be more liked by people cos he’s personable and very entertaining. Find your strategy, rather than berating his choice to study abroad. Bobrisky, no amount of money can buy CLASS! Cheers man!”.