NL Review; “High Tension 2.0” Is A Coming Of Age Story, Bella Shmurda Experimented Well


The Review – Bella Shmurda ‘s High Tension 2.0 Is A Coming Of Age Story That’s As Inspiring As It’s Beautiful To Watch.

Bella Shmurda wrote his final university exams barely weeks ago, amidst pomp and jubilations within his camp. His sophomore project will best be described as the Perfect Graduation Gift to a hardworking mum.

This E.P sees the young songster push himself into an experimental world, determined to deliver a classic and rightly so.

With this project, he makes an extended reach for the frontlines of the New Guards of Afrobeat Music.

His claim to the throne is an extended playlist that renders a new brand of ghetto gospel. One that seeks to change the narrative about young singers who enjoy the most traction from their roots, deep in the trenches or the core streets.

High Tension 2.0 reveals that Bella Shmurda is in a deep experimentation phase and might be on the verge of the discovery of new form of hit sound in Nigeria.

His EP is a perfect blend of the traditional Naija club banger style and the new calming monotone-sound that’s taking a hold of the Afrobeat scene.

Bella Shmurda High Tension 2.0 Tracklist

“High Tension 2.0 EP Review”

The intro to the project, OUT THERE is a richly themed ballad-style song that delivers an electric jolt to the body; a reminder of how crazy life is out there for a young man looking to improve his life and societal status.

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