Is Amapiano the number one genre in Africa now

2016-2020 was a wildly fantastic journey for Amapiano fans globally.

According to Wikipedia; in 2020, the genre experienced increased popularity across the African continent with noted increases in digital streams and chart successes in countries far from its South African origin.

It was a huge delight to see the fierce competition between the Nigeria-based Zanku & South African Amapiano sub-genres to break into the global space, a beautiful one for Africa as a whole!

But at some point, the onus lies on us to point out that Amapiano has transcended far higher than the stakes were back in 2019, and while Zanku had to bow to COVID-19 restrictions, Amapiano on the other hand soared like an eagle in flight, seizing the opportunity.

Amapiano is very popular because of its relatable and sonically delicious sound. The sub genre is made up of a refined blend of South Africa’s House Music, Kwaito, Bacardi, targeted at delivering harmonic melodies that prompt you to dance mindlessly.

The Amapiano sub-genre isn’t popular for its lyrical strength or depth, but is top notch at “Vibe Delivery”.

Amapiano is one of the most successful music sub genres out of Africa. The composition is so refined and sophisticated that you may dance non-stop without hearing a single lyric.

One of the biggest Amapiano records in history is “Jerusalema“. Jerusalema went on to become one of the biggest songs out of Africa today.

  1. Yes, Amapiano is the largest music sub genre out of Africa right now (Even Odogwu, Burna Boy had to jump on DJ Tarico’s ‘Yaba Buluku’ for a Remix to register a new club banger/Hit after Davido did justice to Focalistic’s ‘Ke Star Remix‘ and earned himself a continental Hit), but not for very long!

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