‘He messed with loyalty’-Basketmouth

There have been long-running speculations about the relationship between the two comedy greats who have never worked together.

During a recent interview on Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s Black Box Interview series on Bounce Radio, the conversation of alleged disunity among comedians in Nigeria came up.

Ebuka brought up the alleged comedy beef with AY during the conversation, and Basketmouth revealed that he fell out with his fellow comedian because he messed with loyalty.

Ebuka’s interview with Basketmouth on the Black Box interview series

I don’t mess around with loyalty. He came into my space and messed around with loyalty,” the comedian said about his issue with AY.

He said something that he wasn’t supposed to say. That was going to cause a rift between me and this person.

It was Magmus (Umeri), my lawyer. I said something to AY, and he told Magmus, and he wasn’t supposed to say it.”

The 43-year-old comedian, however, played down the situation and revealed that they have settled it and moved on.

We made peace and he apologised,” Basketmouth said but also clarified that although he and AY are not friends but remain cordial.

Also, in the interview, Basketmouth played down the speculation that he fell out with AY because he took his former mentee Bovi from him.

I did not snatch Bovi. Bovi is not a girl,” the comedian said before narrating that he met Bovi for the first time at a comedy event in Abuja, and from there, they became friends.

Basketmouth, however, seemed to throw a shade at AY with a story about a boy who lost his girlfriend to his neighbour but later clarified he wasn’t talking about the Bovi and AY.


Basket mouth and Bovi(Pulse). He says He and Bovi are still friends…

He and Bovi were inseparable at some point, always hanging out together and collaborating on several projects.

It hasn’t been like that in recent years, prompting speculations that they have fallen out.

Hustle, everybody is hustling; Bovi stepped into a new world. He is busy, and he does not have my time. Me, I’m hustling,” Basketmouth said.

Basketmouth also revealed he has a special coming in 2022 titled ‘The Voices in my Head’.