God will judge you – Kidnappers tell man who paid them N5 million ransom in fake naira notes

A kidnapping incident has left a sour taste in the mouth of the abductors after they were tricked into collecting fake currency as ransom.

A man (name withheld) from Aba, Abia state, reportedly paid N5 million to the kidnappers but they did not realise it was fake until it was too late.

According to Remedy blog, after the man paid them the money, and possibly left, the abductors later realised that the N5m was in fake naira notes.

Angered they have been outsmarted, they allegedly sent a message to him, saying that God will judge him for scamming them.

“God will judge you” – kidnappers tell Aba man who paid them N5million ransom with fake currency”, the blog reported.

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