Davido Reveals Why Flat Tummy Has Been Difficult For Him To Achieve Despite His Serious Workout

Davido has been working out seriously for some time now and most people expected to see some changes in his body, especially with his tummy but nothing seems to be changing despite his serious and intense workout.

Some people even blamed his instructors for not taking him through training that will get him a flat tummy but a chat supposed to be between Davido and a friend shows that the instructors are not the issue here but himself because of his choice.

According to the chat, Davido claims he’s not able to get a flat tummy despite his serious and intense workout because of his intake of alcohol which is preventing the fat in his tummy from reducing for him to get the flat tummy he wants.

We all know the negative effect of alcohol and it’s a good thing Davido has figured that out now and we hope he stops or reduces his intake of alcohol if not for the flat tummy he wants he should do it for his own health as so much intake of alcohol is not good for the body.

screenshot below;