Davido Is Much Wiser Than All Those Who Gave Him Money On His Birthday- Reno Omokri

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has chided the celebrities and fans who doled out money to Davido on his birthday.

You could recall that Davido raised a colossal amount of money when he asked his friends to credit his account with cash.

Most people thought David was about to spend the money on himself byt he has surprised people with his move to donate the money to charity.

According to Reno, the decision of Davido to donate all the money he received from his friends shows that he truly understands the spiritual principle of giving and receiving.

Reno wrote: Davido is much wiser than all those who gave him monies on his birthday. He understands the spiritual realm and the ways of God. He has secured a soft spot in the Heart of the Creator, by virtue of James 1:27. I commend him. What a heart of Gold. What a man to watch for the future. Could his life trajectory be like Ronald Reagan’s? Those who gave to him are are different issue entirely. They should read Proverbs 22:16.

In a previous post, Reno avowed that it is not wise to spend money on people who are richer than you are but is is rather advisable to feed the poor so you can be blessed.

He stressed that there is nothing wrong in giving money to people but it shouldn’t be at your loss to the the extent that you go broke trying to impress or prove a point.

He wrote: ” Nothing wrong in giving money to people. But, don’t go into debt to show people how much you love them. Even worse is going into debt to try to belong to a clique that already knows who belongs and who doesn’t. Use your money to get wealthy, not to get attention!

When you feed the poor, God feels you. When you feed those that are richer than you, God deals with you. Your wisdom is profitable. To you. Your foolishness is also profitable. But to others. Not you. How can you give someone what your haven’t given your mother?

God does not reward nice people. He rewards wise people.”