Davido Hails His Son Ifeanyi Of Being A Billionaire Because His Father Has Money

Singer Davido has hailed his heir Ifeanyi as a billionaire because his father has money and there’s no lie there since we all know Davido has money and that automatically makes Ifeanyi a billionaire.

Davido has labeled his son Ifeanyi as the heir to the 30BG business and everything he has and a recent video of him having fun with his son sees him hailing the young boy as a billionaire because his father has money which automatically makes him a billionaire.

Davido loves showing off and bragging about his wealth hence it’s not surprising that he’s indirectly telling us he’s a billionaire because his son Ifeanyi is going to inherit everything he has worked for someday so calling him a billionaire because of his father’s wealth means his father is a billionaire.