“Bobrisky should be scared of me”-James Brown

Nigerian Cross-dresser, James Brown, has subtly lambasted his former mentor, Bobrisky, in a recent interview he held with Media Personality, Adesola Momoh.

James Brown says

James Brown, who went viral for his “they did not caught me” moment, have consistently built his fanbase, and made a name for himself by churning out hilarious contents with a transvistite persona.

However, some months back, James revealed that Bobrisky, who used to be his good friend, reportedly did not like the way James was using the cross-dressing script, and he called James to tell him to quit copying his style. This led to a messy social media war between both drag-queens.

In recent times, James has now declared that he is not scared of Bobrisky, and the only person he sees as a mentor is Denrele.

Jamesbrown said ;

He’s not the Queen-mother, who made him that.

I don’t see Bob as Queenmother, I only recognize Derenle.

Because you helped me in the past does not mean you should call me and threaten me off socal media.

I was scared then, but Bobrisky should be scared of me now.

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