Blessing Okoro Reveals What Makes Men Not Trust Some Women As She Advises Them

Blessing Okoro in a video sighted online claimed that it’s because of too much free s3kz that is making some men not trust some women because they think you give out to any man just the way you give out to them so freely without having to ask or beg for it.

Blessing Okoro then advised women to learn to say NO and do small shakara because with that these men won’t see them be cheap but giving men free s3kz without saying NO to them once makes most of them don’t trust you as a woman.

This may vary because some men still trust and respect their women/wives even though they give them free s3kz without having to play hard to get or do any shakara hence it’s the mentality of the man and not the fact that you are giving him free s3kz.

video below;