#BBNaija: Angel’s team react after she was accused of flirting with her ‘besties’ man

Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Angel’s father has reacted after his daughter was accused of flirting with her friend, Jacki B’s man, Michael.

Recall that fellow housemate, Maria during her diary session on Wednesday, August 18 accused Angel of breaking ‘girls code’ and flirting with a man who her best friend already showed interest in.

When Biggie asked if she thinks Michael should be blamed for not defining his relationship with Jackie B, Maria made excuse for him saying “boys will always be boys”.

Angel’s dad who she claims is her Instagram handler has now reacted and berated people who make excuses for men and would rather blame the woman.

In a lengthy Instagram post, her dad wrote,

“We live in a patriarchal society where men aren’t held accountable for their actions in the name of “men will be men” who made the rules? Because it’s a shitty rule, women aren’t object of blame, a woman shouldn’t be slut-shamed while the guy gets away with ‘you know how boys are’.

“This has been going on in our society for a long time and there’s a lot of unlearning to do, allow women to be liberal with their bodies without making them feel easy or cheap, we keep fighting for equality but when a fellow woman keeps making exuses for the men it takes us 100 steps back.

A woman isn’t easily accessible because she chooses to be liberal with her body. It’s important we hold men accountable for their actions, as we hold women also, isn’t that what equality stands for ? To excuse the grave mistakes of the phrase “boys will be boys has to stop.”

“When people especially women say “boys will be boys,” they end up promoting a harmful rhetoric using a cute, seemingly innocuous phrased to remind us all that men and women are inherently different. To reinforce the assumption that boys are wired to be a certain way. and therefore will be that way no matter what.

“If men will be men, then women will be women. That being said Angel will be Angel in the voice of big brother.
#bbnaija #bigbrothernigeria #archangels #angelwillbeangel”.