After 17yrs And Alex Ekubo Still Looks The Same Except Age And The Touch Of Money In Recent Photo

Actor Alex Ekubo has shared a throwback photo of himself after 17yrs and there is no physical change between the two pictures except with the touch of money.

Alex Ekubo himself noticed that after 17yrs nothing has changed in the picture he shared if compared to the recent one aside from the fact that he’s old now and looks more handsome now because he takes good care of himself.

According to him, it’s 17yrs and he still has the same smile on his face praying that God continues to give him reasons to smile every year just as He gave him some years back and has given him reasons to smile this year too despite everything.

If you compare the two photos Alex Ekubo shared, you will notice that nothing has changed in terms of his physical look except for the fact that money has made him look more handsome today than he used to be in the past.

He is the same Alex Ekubo from 17yrs ago but this time, not the same age and probably not the same height but his face with a smile are all the same, and the fact that ladies will be drooling over his recent look can’t be ruled out.

2004 Vs Present day.

An entire 17 years. Just wow!

Different year, same Smile.

May God continue to give us reasons to smile year in year out. 🙏🏾

he wrote

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